SpongeBob Universe' is a collaboration of Губкапедия and Губкафорум 1.0 that formed on July 1, 2012, and launched on June 18, 2013 on Russia (and Ukraine).

What Is SBU?Править

At this point in time, Season 8 saw a great incline in the quality of episodes, with several citing it as a season among the likes of Seasons 1, 2, and 3. Unfortunately, not everyone knows that and the show has lost much of its adult/older audience. How do we fix this? Well, by drawing them back in, and SpongeBob Universe will do just that with the power of the SpongeBob Wiki and The SpongeBob Community. Strategically, we will be able to pull people in, show them how the show has improved, and convince them that this is something worth watching again. Not only will that restore the fandom, but ultimately create a new spark for SBC/SB Wiki.

Wiki NotesПравить

  • We would be part of something bigger, not only would we reach further into achieving our goal, but also to spread the knowledge of SpongeBob and expand the fan base.
  • We would have more readers and more people to help contribute to the Wiki.
  • We would have actual forums and no spam-magnet article comment sections.

SBC NotesПравить

The SpongeBob Community is the leading SpongeBob forum on the internet, and is a great place to discuss SpongeBob. It will be interlinked with SBU heavily, as both SBC and SB Wiki compose the core of SpongeBob Universe. Register here: http://www.sbcforums.com/forums/. SpongeBob Universe will affect SBC in several ways:

  • Heavily increase activity
  • Even better-quality SpongeBob forums
  • Superior games, activities, and events for users (such as SpongeBob Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and Teams, which are already all offerred)

Want To Help Out?Править


Have an idea? Post it here or contact an admin.

We Need StaffПравить

See here: SpongeBob SquarePants:SpongeBob Universe

Other Parts of SBU Править


SpongyNews will be the primary source of news for SBU, to which all other branches of SBU will be fed SB news from.

SpongeBob University

Directly integrated into SBU, this will be the component of SBU that helps to get old fans back, and attract new ones.


  • Comments will be disabled when discussion got redirected to the SBC forums. One major reason behind doing this is because the amount of spam that has been produced has been out of control, and must be stopped. You can still discuss the articles themselves on their respective talk pages.

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